Curriculum – Winston Extra

Winston Extra


o To consider your values, identity and sense of belonging
o To engage with the communities you belong to
o To approach life as an ongoing learning experience
o To develop skills for a rich and fruitful life

We all belong to communities:

o Family/carers
o Friends
o Learning
o Parish
o Town
o Country
o Planet

For our communities to function effectively, people need to engage with them. When people feel they don’t have a voice there is a danger they will disengage from their communities, which affects their sense of belonging and ultimately their ambitions.

Within our curriculum at Winston Churchill we have made room for students to develop the knowledge and skills related to the Competencies within timetabled lessons called Winston Extra.

Within this space, students think much more deeply about themselves, their morals and how they project themselves to others. We explore topics such as, ‘Is a free app really free?’, ‘What makes you wealthy?’, ‘How to have a proper conversation’, ‘What is your digital footprint’ and many more.

Throughout the lessons, we focus on our opinion and attitude at the start of a topic to our opinion and at the end. Does knowledge help us make better decisions? How do my opinions and behaviour effect how other people see me?
We encourage students to speak out, teaching them debating skills so they will have the ability to express their opinions effectively as they grow up.

The room is a safe place where, aside from personal comments and bad language, students can explore a wide range of views.

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