Curriculum – Geography


Key Stage 3 - Year 7 - 9

At KS3, students learn about a variety of topics from both the natural world and the built environment. Our main aim is to encourage our students to think about other people’s views about issues and how we can manage our world in a sustainable way. Our lessons also focus on geographical skills including the development of map, graph and fieldwork techniques.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11

Eduqas GCSE Geography B

Units studied:

  • Theme 1 Changing Places - Changing Economies
    e.g. Global cities, UK change and development issues
  • Theme 2 Changing Environments
    e.g. Coasts, rivers, weather and climate change
  • Theme 3 Environmental Challenge
    e.g. Ecosystems under threat, water resources and desertification

Exam (100%)

  • Paper 1 - Data response and application of knowledge of the three themes
  • Paper 2 - Problem solving
  • Paper 3 - Fieldwork methods and UK issues


Fieldwork is an important means of developing skills and there are various trips that take place.

Hampshire Coast – To practise sampling methods– a day trip to the coast.

Residential - TBC

The full specification and samples of exam papers can be viewed