The Winston Churchill School Culture of Learning

A student focused, enquiry based learning environment, underpinned by an on-line curriculum enabling the development of innovative, resourceful and enterprising learners.

We believe our students will experience a curriculum that is relevant and rewarding, provides them with appropriate support and challenge and inspires them to achieve.  We are proud of our curriculum which incorporates the best of innovative curriculum design, but also retains the traditional aspects of learning which form an essential part of the ethos of the school.
Ofsted said that we offer “an exceptionally flexible, inclusive and engaging curriculum” and graded the extent to which the curriculum meets pupils’ needs as outstanding.
The Curriculum is timetabled in 50 one hour lessons over a two week period

Teaching Groups

In Years 8 and 9 students are allocated into one of our streams based on academic potential. The streams are: Aspire, Enigma and Grammar. The rationale for the streams are as follows:

Aspire - Students of mixed ability who succeed in an active and varied learning environment where there is no limit on academic potential. The focus is to promote self-awareness, personal aspiration and develop elite skills for an enriched professional and personal life.

Enigma - Students of mixed ability who have strong problem-solving skills and learn well through self-directed, enquiry based learning. The focus is on a collaborative approach where students learn by framing problems and exploring solutions.

Grammar - Students who excel academically and learn well at a rapid pace in an intellectually rigorous and challenging environment.

These groups are reviewed twice a year by core leaders and the year team.

Key Stage 3 - Years 7 to 9

On entry to the school all students study the core National Curriculum subjects of English, maths; science; history; geography; RE; drama; music; art; computing (ICT); Modern Foreign Languages; technology and Physical Education (PE). 

All students study one foreign language (French or German) in Year 7 with some teaching groups able to access a second language in Years 8 and 9. All students have Astronomy timetabled throughout Years 7 and 8 with the grammar group taking Latin in Years 8 and 9. Both Latin and Astronomy are available in KS4.

The delivery of PSHCE is through our Winston extra sessions for all students in Year 7 and aspire groups in Years 8 and 9. Bespoke PSHCE lessons take place for enigma and grammar students in Years 8 and 9.

In the Spring term of Year 9 students make their Option choices for KS4 (Years 10 & 11) and commence these courses in the summer term.

Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11

In Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum, students will follow courses leading to GCSE or equivalent qualifications.  All students must study the statutory subjects: English, maths, science, computing, P.E and R.E.  In addition, we offer a broad range of subjects to compliment these core subjects.  We offer a personalised programme of learning, which allows students to vary the number and type of qualifications that they take. Some students will follow a traditional pathway leading to all GCSE qualifications, whilst others will be guided to opt for some vocational qualifications, such as the BTEC courses, alongside GCSEs.

The majority of students will study a Modern Foreign Language and a humanity subject to GCSE level, which allows many students to successfully complete the English Baccalaureate.

Teaching Groups
At KS4, the students are taught in groups based on their academic potential for the core subjects, humanities and languages.  The option groups comprise of mixed ability classes.