Bad Weather Arrangements

Bad Weather Arrangements

I would like to remind parents about the issues that can occur in the winter months. Poor weather conditions can result in a decision to close the school.   Should the weather be cause for concern we  will use the website, Frog and Twitter, as well as local radio stations to keep you informed, especially if conditions change during the day.

800-445-snow on trees

My aim will always be to keep the school open, if at all possible, but a large number of staff live up to 50 miles from the school; having journeys of over an hour in favourable conditions. I will not put them at risk if it is unsafe to travel, and there are very few staff who could walk to school. Put this together with the fact that the site has to be safe for both students and adults.

Currently there are only two members of the site team, who do not live close to the school. Clearing snow on such a large site and making paths safe for everyone to use is a big job. Staff  will also have work prepared work to place on Frog should a closure be necessary.

However determined I am to keep the school open, I must put the safety of students and staff first. I have to be reassured by the Site Team that they can make the school a low risk area for movement between buildings and I have to be clear that I can get enough staff into school to manage the students. Therefore, if I make the decision to close the school it will be that I have considered all of the options and made the most informed decision possible early that morning.

Information will be shared with parents via our website, Frog, Twitter, the local radio stations and by email. Staff may not be available to answer the phones and there are limited telephone lines, therefore, these other forms of communication will be the most reliable. The aim will be to make a decision by 7.00am on the day.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Johnson-Walker