Curriculum – Astronomy


Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11

There are several exciting career paths that our GCSE astronomers could follow, including becoming an astrobiologist, or even an astronaut. Who knows, the next Tim Peake may already be in the making...

Students at Winston have the fantastic opportunity to study GCSE Astronomy in our state of the art Discovery Space Centre facilities.

Pupils following the Astronomy course will learn about the structures of the Earth, Moon and Sun, and how their interactions produce many of the astronomical cycles and phenomena of our natural world. They will also learn about the Earth’s place within the Solar System and the universe, and the forces which have shaped both our own and other planetary systems.

Students will also study the life-cycles of stars, and how astronomers discovered the Earth’s position within our galaxy and the Universe. Students will also be taught about the challenges inherent in making observations in astronomy; and the ways in which technology has aimed to overcome them.

Curriculum - Astronomy