The Competencies

The Competencies

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At Winston, alongside our strong commitment to academic achievement, we give our students the skills they need to improve themselves and become a fully engaged member of their communities, both now and as they develop into adulthood.

Every so often, we get a message from industry that says they need new employees with resilience, problem solving ability, collaborative skills and so on. They often claim that schools ‘don’t encourage students to develop these skills’. This is not true at Winston.

As part of our core curriculum and underlying ethos, we have five competencies with 13 associated skills. Students identify their strengths and the skills they wish they could improve and set about improving them right from year 7. This process is supported in both pastoral time, lesson time and with parents.

This continues the good ground work of a student’s primary school where they are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves.

We know that students will need more than just qualifications in the world that awaits them and we believe that the ability to self-evaluate and improve is fundamental to this.

Competencies - The 13 Skills

Parents and carers can log into Frog for more information about the Competencies.