Welcome to our new Year 7’s September 2019

Welcome to Winston

Information for our new Year 7s Joining Winston in September 2019

Dates for Primary School Visits

Monday        20th May:  Bisley
Tuesday        21st May:  Sythwood & St Johns
Thursday      23rd May:  Beaufort & Brookwood
Friday           24th May:   Pyrford
Wednesday   5th June:   Knaphill
Thursday       6th June:   Westfield
Friday            7th June:   The Hermitage
Tuesday       11th June:   Pirbirght
Friday           14th June:  Goldsworth
Monday 10th June - Singleton Day!

If you have received a letter inviting you to the additional information day, please send the reply slip to Mrs Smith as soon as possible.

On this day, you will receive the induction pack, further details about transition and you will be able to meet other students joining Winston on their own or in small groups


Year 6 'Homework'

All about you!

Students, we would like to get to know more about you. Please fill in this profile telling us about yourself. Don't forget to bring it with you to your induction day.


Frog Accounts

All Winston students,  parents and carers will have a Frog account. Once students have enrolled at Winston they will be given a Frog account and parents' accounts will then be available.

Parents and students will be able to see the student's timetable, homework, the online curriculum, reports , achievement and attendance information. Also available for parents will be copies of letters , parent notices, the school calendar and safeguarding information.

Once your child has enrolled at Winston you can  access your parent Frog account

The above link is only for parents - students'  Frog accounts are part of the school network  and any issues with them need to be looked into by the IT department. Please encourage your child to report any issues with their account to their tutor (rather than you contacting the school) who will help them to resolve the issue.

The student's timetable

At Winston we have a two week timetable.  Here is an explanation of a typical timetable.

Map of the school

To help new students find their way around we have maps of the ground and first floors. The maps will be available to the students when the join the school.

Languages Preferences

Students will be timetabled to take either French or German depending on the academic group in which they are placed. In exceptional circumstances, parents can request that their child is considered for learning one language in preference to the other.  Please read
MFL preference for year 6 students for more information.

Young Carers

We are aware that many young people are carers these days. If this is the case in your family, please complete the letter found in your induction pack (or follow the link below). This will then give us the opportunity to support them fully.

Young carers letter 2019


The Discovery Space

Winston has  a wonderful new building -  the Discovery Space.  It contains our state of the art planetarium, a new spacious and well resourced library and a computer area for group study and lessons.