Blazer A black blazer with school badge stitched to the left breast pocket. Fitted blazers or a torn or frayed blazer
Pullover A machine knitted plain black V neck pullover. Ill-fitting pullovers. Badly torn and frayed pullovers. Cardigans or sweatshirts
Shirt A traditional white collared shirt with either long or short sleeves. Top button must be done up. Collarless shirts.  Any colour other than white.  Tailored shirts.
Tie The Winston School tie, black with red strips.  This must be tied to the correct length, six red stripes showing. School ties that have been coloured or threads removed.  Any other type of tie.
Skirt Compulsory black knee length skirt with distinctive red trim along the waistband. Purchased solely from G&S by Valantino limited Tel: 01483 473357.. Any colour other than black.  Skirts with slits.  Skirts rolled up.  Skirts that are very tight.  Skirts that are made of a knitted, stretch material.
Trousers Plain Black, with a waist band and centre front zip.  Straight leg. Any colour other than black.  Hipsters, turn-ups, splits, flares, embroidery, jeans, combat styles.  Trousers that are made of a knitted, stretch material.  Trousers that are too tight or too baggy, torn or frayed.
Belts Plain black. Fashion belts. Any colour other than black.

No large decorative buckles.

Socks and tights Socks: plain black, grey or white.

Tights: plain black or flesh coloured.

Socks - any colour other than black, grey or white..  Tights - any colour other than black or flesh.  Any patterned tights.
Footwear Plain black shoes, without embellishment.

Trainers for PE only if a medical note is provided.

Ankle boots, trainers, including black trainers, stilettos, kitten heels, boots of any type, casual, canvas, plimsoles, platform soles or sling backs.
Coats A plain colour suitable for school Hooded sweatshirt/jogging top type garments, denim, corduroy jackets are not allowed to be worn on the premises. Offensive logos.  Studded garments.
Hats None All types of hat.
Hair Hair should be of one natural colour.  It should be clean and tidy. Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons. Plain colour hair accessories. No shorter than Grade 2. Extreme hairstyles for example overly spiked or sculptured hair.  Shaved areas or razor lines.  Obvious steps.  Beads, braiding or cornrow plaits. Hair must not obscure the face.  No fashion accessories.
Makeup Discreet foundation or concealer

Clear nail varnish.

Eye makeup, lipstick/lip gloss, coloured nail varnish. False nails.
Jewellery A watch.  One pair of plain silver or gold coloured studs in the ear lobe. Rings, bracelets, chains or piercings, badges or brooches. Flesh tubes or spacers
Bags A Ruck sack able to hold at least two A4 text books and folders, a planner, and a pencil case. Handbags, fashion bags, plastic carrier bags.


The Headteacher is the final arbiter on the suitability of uniform and appearance.


If in doubt ASK.

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The full uniform policy can be found on the School Policies page