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A planetarium documentary


A Science Dome Feature

An immersive fulldome production in the brand-new Planetarium at the Discovery Space, The Winston Churchill School, Woking. Join us as we ride the waves, explore hurricanes and dive into the ocean as we learn about The Earth’s unique climate.

A presentation by Matt Elliott on the night sky for March will be accompanying this film show  

Showing on various dates in March and April

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Showing in April and May

in the Discovery Space Planetarium

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“The Hot and Energetic Universe”

The planetarium documentary “The Hot and Energetic Universe” presents with the use of Immersive Visualisations and real images the achievements of the modern astronomy, the most advanced terrestrial and orbital observatories, the basic principles electromagnetic radiation and the natural phenomena related to the High Energy Astrophysics.

A presentation by Matt Elliott on the night sky for the current  will be accompanying this film show

High Energy Astrophysics plays a key role in understanding the universe. These radiations reveal the processes in the hot and violent universe.

High Energy Astrophysics probes hot gas in clusters of galaxies, which are the most massive objects in the universe. It also probes hot gas accreting around super massive black holes in the centres of galaxies.

Finally, high energy radiation provides important information about our own galaxy, neutron stars, supernova remnants and stars like our Sun which emit copious amounts of high energy radiation. Europe plays a leading role in high energy astrophysics research.

The producer of the documentary is the “Integrated Activities in the High-Energy Astrophysics Domain” (AHEAD).

This Project is funded by the European Union (HORIZON 2020: The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation)"

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The Discovery Space

This impressive new building  took approximately 14 months to build and includes a library, a bright and open meeting space and The Planetarium. We believe is the only planetarium available at a state school in the UK.  The Winston Churchill School takes pride in the opportunities available for their students and through the planetarium we’re not only expanding the types of opportunities available, but also making them more appealing to students, enriching their engagement and sparking their imagination to aid their education.

It is a truly unique and engaging learning environment for people of all ages,

but we couldn’t keep this to ourselves,

The Discovery Space

so we are inviting you to come along and experience our world and universe as you have never seen before.

Our new Planetarium has many great features including:

  • Realistic Atmosphere with adjustable light pollution levels
  • The ability to show a detailed layout of the solar system, planets, the moon’s surface and our own planet Earth.
  • We are able to zoom in anywhere in the night sky to see telescopic images of what can be discovered.
  • Users can “time-travel” to any point in time in the past or future and see where the planets and stars are in a fully authentic simulation.
  • We can even break out of our own Solar System by flying to nearby stars or even out of our galaxy.
  • A full 180-degree domed screen and surround sound speakers make for a truly immersive experience.