Parent Forgotten Username/Password

To retrieve your username and change your password please follow the instructions below

Please note these instructions are for Parent accounts only.  Students should see their form tutor or go to the IT department to change their passwords

1. Go to school website (
2. Click on the “log Into ” link (Top right)
3. On the next screen click on PARENT Forgotten Password/Username
4. Enter your email address and you will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.
             a. (See note below if you get 'Duplicate Email' error)
5. Click on the link in the email
6. A new page will open and your username will be shown in the blue bar.
7. Please make a note of your username as you will need to use it when you log into Frog ( your username is not your email address)
8. Enter a new password
9. Then confirm your new password in the second box.
8. A confirmation box will show with a link to log into Frog
10. Click that link
11. Login using your username (from point 3 above) and your new password


Note: If we are holding the same email address for two parent/carers this process will not work and you will get an error ‘Duplicate email address’. If this happens or you are still unable to obtain your login details after trying the instructions above:

Please email  or phone the office on 01483 476861

Please include the names and year group of your sons/daughters that attend the school and also your name and address.